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Mariama Wurie is a polymath— a creative, a production manager, a filmmaker, a learning design specialist, a nonprofit program manager, and an EdTech leader. As a production manager and storyteller, Mariama has managed several journalism film productions for international news networks including BBC World Service, CNN Africa, and Deutsche Welle to name a few.


Mariama's journalism is in rooted in her strong background in learning theory, curriculum design and inclusive education. As an education specialist, Mariama's 5-year career with international organisations, includes working at the World Bank, where she led gender-responsive education programming and inclusive teacher training, and designed radio programs to improve play-based learning in rural communities. Mariama has also obtained training and professional qualifications specializing her work in girl's, women's and children's storytelling and socio-economic support.


As a serial entrepreneur, having founded several start-ups, Mariama has recently founded My Sister’s Keeper, a skills building mentorship program for young women. Mariama is committed to effecting transformative change and shaping narratives that resonate globally.

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