Mariama Wurie is a multi-disciplinary development professional and creative who places the African continent— its women, economies, and cultural innovations— at the heart of all that she does.
Mariama currently works as an Education Specialist (further specializing in Gender-Responsive Education Sector Planning (GRESP)) for the World Bank in Sierra Leone.
At the same time though, Mariama is also a full-time freelance journalist, multimedia producer, social justice advocate, and mentor at the Aurora Foundation. Yes, she does sleep— and yes she does drink a lot of coffee.
Mariama's journalism spans writing, fixing, filming, producing and 'instagramming' news reports and features for the likes of CNN, the BBC, and Deutsche Welle. Her focus is on speaking truth, dignity and pride to skewed narratives of Sierra Leonean and African women and girls, economic development spaces, tech & cultural innovation, and sometimes politics. Her aim is to disrupt and redirect global storytelling to be fair, honest, equitable and empowering for those who need it most.